Wednesday, November 28, 2012

With a Little Help From My Friends

It's been awhile I realize. I should have called sooner. I promise to try harder. Now on to business.

This Sunday I will be running in the California International Marathon (CIM). I have mixed emotions about this race. CIM holds a dear place in my heart. I ran this race exactly 5 years ago as my 5th marathon, and to this day, it still holds my elusive PR; a number I've chased since, but have fallen short each time. Sunday I will run it as my 15th marathon. Normally I would stare that PR down come Sunday and tell it "you're mine". However, life sometimes has other plans.

At the time of this year's CIM, it will have been 8 weeks since life handed me those other plans. 8 weeks ago I was told I needed "emergency eye surgery that would cause a lot of trauma". If I didn't do it "now", and by now, I was told I needed it within a few hours of learning this news, I could jeopardize my chances of having any vision at all. Long story short, I was told no running for 6 weeks. The key time I needed to prepare for this year's CIM.

I debated running in CIM as I knew I couldn't beat my PR and I wasn't sure I wanted to taint my memory of this course with a less then stellar performance. However, like my friend, Diary of an Average Runner, I need to end this year on a good note. I need to go out on Sunday and with each step celebrate the fact that I still have vision and think of all those who do not or face other difficult challenges. In each race, when I'm feeling the need to quit, I always dig deep and remind myself how lucky I am to have the ability to run, to live in a country where I can afford luxuries like a marathon and frankly, wake up to see another day.

Sunday is not the time to feel sorry for myself, or to be upset that I wasn't able to train properly. Sunday is about celebrating my wins. And I will do this with a little help from my friends. About 15 gals, give or take, will be running in this race or screaming like crazy from the sidelines. All this in POURING down rain, according to the that is dedicated friendship.

See you all Sunday. I'll be the drowned rat in pink arm sleeves!

As always, this race is dedicated to my sister who faces her own marathons each and every day.


  1. Sounds like we'll be joining your crew for dinner on Saturday. Look forward to meeting you! Definitely tough going into a race that you want to go a certain way but sometimes it's those other things in life that shed a little insight as to what is so important in life. Glad to see you'll still get out and enjoy the race! See you out there!

    - @runthetrailsCO

  2. I loved running CIM last year. It was my 3rd marathon and is also my PR. I hope to go back and it again someday because it has been my favorite race. I can't believe this weekend will be your 15th marathon- something to be very proud of! I hope that the weather takes a turn for the better. I have seen the reports and it looks yucky. At least you will be cute in pink. Good luck!

  3. You will be great. Can't wait to see you! <3

  4. Wow, that is inspiring. It really puts it in perspective. I can't wait to hear how it went!