Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Faves

(disclaimer: totally stealing the idea of Friday Faves from Aron & Page :-P )

This post is to honor one of my faves this week - friendly faces. Two great gals I have met this year (Aron & Page) do a regular "Friday Favs" post, so this post is hommage to them and the others I have met along the way.

Working from home has its pluses and minuses. I miss seeing familiar faces each day. Collaborating with great co-workers in person. Having lunch dates. However, I love that I get to see this little guy day in & day out. He typically comes in a few times a day to my office wanting to sit on my lap and stare out the window. He is my zen in this crazy world.


For those that know me well, know that I am the "Frappologist". My day isn't complete without a trip to Starbucks for a "tall-coffee lite frapp-3 pumps sugar free cinnamon dolce - sprinkle of cinnamon on top". I love that my local Sbux calls out "Hey Carter" as I walk in. A great little 90 calorie drink to perk me up each morning.

My week isn't complete without a trip to my favorite Thai restaurant in Oakland, of which, I am the Duchess on Yelp! Chai Thai Noodle is by far, the best Thai in town. Same order every time: yellow curry w/tofu + pumpkin.

I thought I was in fairly good shape. I work out 5 days a week, throw in a few races each year...then I met soccer. Soccer meet Jana's legs & lungs, Jana meet what it feels like to want to collapse after 80 minutes of running around. I am playing on a league in Brentwood with my good pal (and coworker), Jose.

Lastly, the reason for my post. My favorite part of this week (and turning into one of my favorites for the year), new faces, new running routes, new friends. Tuesday night met with a great run along the Embarcadero with fabulous faces. Thanks ladies for being my favorite of the week!

Happy weekend. Stay safe. Have fun. Be. For those running the Nike Women's Marathon or 1/2 Marathon Sunday - ROCK IT!!!


  1. YEAH!! It was so wonderful to meet you! Soccer is going to make you a a kick butt 5k runner too

  2. i have reason to believe that my green tea frap the day before RNRSJ led me to a PR... the confirmation by a Frappologist, simply confirms it. Cheers.