Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Romantic Run in SF

Romance doesn't come easy these days, unless you are a Bay Area Runner :-)

Aron (runnersrambles) organized a great opportunity to get out on a nice Tuesday night for a group run. I never get to the big city on weeknights, so any excuse to cross "the Bay pond" I grab on to. I said "Jana, put your big girl pants on and get on over to that big city". OK, maybe not (or maybe I did).

I picked Aron up at her great new job (Clif!) and we headed over to meet the others at the Ferry Building. I never tire of seeing these faces:

 (Katie, Alyssa, Amanda, Karin - not pictured Aron)

We headed out along Fisherman's Warf and was witness to one of the more beautiful nights I have experienced in the city. We were met with view after view after view. Very romantic :-)

(Golden Gate Bridge amongst the fog)

 With the Nike Women's Marathon fast approaching (5 days...EEK!), I took it easy and logged 6.19 miles with just over a 9:30 pace. It was so relaxing and enjoyable to run a slower pace. We chatted, we dodged tourists, we took pictures like tourists, laughed, strategized about upcoming races and all around had a great time. Taking the thought from Aron, it is amazing how you can meet people from all over the country on Twitter, but throw them together in a run and it is like magic. A sense of familiarity comes over us. We bond instantly and any moments of "awkward" don't make an appearance. Runners are special breeds I tell ya.

After our fabulous run, we grabbed a bite to eat at Gott's. Having never eaten there, it was a yummy spot to finish the night. What was on my menu? My go to comfort food to remind me of home (and my Grammie); grilled cheese and tomato soup. YUM!

We were sure to raise our glasses to the amazing Katie for her mind-blowing finish at last weekends Portland Marathon (can you say 3 hours people?).

A wonderful night. A wonderful group. Wonderful food. Thanks ladies for giving this gal a great night out :-)

Next up for me? This...

See you all at the finish line!


  1. Great photos! Sounded like an awesome time and omg, that dinner looks AMAZING! :D

  2. ahhh such fun! I really had a great time meeting you! maybe I can just live on your couch? would you notice that?