Friday, December 16, 2011

So this is what morning looks like...

For a good part of the year, I had been longing to make it out for a morning run before work. But my efforts typically went like this:
  1. Make a running date to meet early
  2. Wonder late at night why I made such a date
  3. Set alarm
  4. Cancel alarm in the middle of the night
  5. Text running date cancelling
  6. Lay in nice warm bed
I was determined to make this happen before years end. This past week I emailed Aron of RunnersRambles and pleaded with her to HELP ME MAKE THIS HAPPEN! She quickly responded with date & time.

So on a cold Wednesday morning, I met up with Aron for a hilly trail run. We started in the black of morning and were treated to lovely views as the sun began to surface.

 Why, hello early morning moon!

UC Berkeley Campus

While getting up wasn't easy, the workout, the views, the accomplishment and especially the company made it more than worthwhile. SO GLAD I accomplished one of my goals. YEA ME!

Happy camper; early morning camper!

Thank you to Aron, you are a great addition to my 2011. Looking forward to 2012.

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  1. You both rock! I also struggle with the AM runs, especially when it is still dark out. But starting in the dark and watching everything around you slowly wake up with the sun is amazing. Making it a habbit?